Gelernte Tänze 2023/22

Training 19 Uhr: Improver/Intermediate

Tanzname/Video Choreograph/Tanzbeschreibung Level
Gelernte Tänze 2024    
Bringing It Back Fred Whitehouse 32/4 Improver
Around The Fire K. Sala, Ch. Durand, D. Bailey, G. Richard 48/2 Intermediate
Gelernte Tänze 2023    
The Tree Maddison Glover 16/4 Intermediate
Keep On Holding J. Dahlgren, G. Danvoie, G. Schneider & D. Leibing 32/4 Improver
Kiss Me Véronique Dailly & Agnes Gauthier 64/4 Improver
Get In or Get Out Maggie Gallagher 32/2 High Improver
Wreckage Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever 32/2 Intermediate
Waterfall Maggie Gallagher 32/2 Improver
Little Heartbreak Jef Camps & Roy Verdonk 32/4 High Beginner
Where We've Been Lana Harvey Wilson 32/4 Intermediate
Prosecco Emma Ruhnau 32/4 Low Intermediate
Mama & Me Gary O'Reilly 32/4 Improver
Flowers Linda Burgess 52/4 Intermediate
Wintergreen Maggie Gallagher 64/4 Intermediate
Crowded Mind Shane McKeever & Niels Poulsen 48/2 Improver
Give Me Your Tempo Nathan Gardiner 32/2 Improver
Waste It Daniel Trepat 48/2 Improver
Another Bites The Dust Ryan Hunt 64/2 Intermediate
Irish Boots I. Verhagen, Kate Sala, Jef Camps, Roy Verdonk 96/2 Phrased Int.
Gelernte Tänze 2022    
1 2 Snap Maggie Gallagher 64/4 High Improver
Please Dance With Me José Miguel Belloque Vane 16/2 Intermediate
Dim The Lights Maddison Glover & Simon Ward 48/4 Intermediate
Mars Tobias Jentzsch 32/4 Improver
It's A Passion Dirk Leibing 32/4 Absolute Beginner
Sharks Julia Wetzel 64/2 Intermediate
Storm And Stone Maddison Glover 32/4 Improver
Would Have Loved Her Darren Bailey 32/4 Intermediate
Make It Rob Fowler 48/4 Improver
Diggity Swinging Tim Johnson 32/4 Intermediate
In The Dark (2022) Gudrun Schneider 32/4 Improver
The Joker And The Queen Junghye Yoon 32/2 Easy Intermediate
Can We Just? Tim Johnson & Jean-Pierre Madge 48/2 Phrased Intermediate
Mal De Amores Jennifer Choo Sue Chin & EWS Winson 48/4 Improver
Danger Twins Karl-Harry Winson & Jamie Barnfield 32/4 Low Intermediate
Cold Heart Maddison Glover 32/4 Improver
Old Flames Wil Bos & Roydonk 48/2 Improver von 2012
Train Wreck Niels Poulsen 48/2 High Improver
Bonaparte's Retreat Madisson Glover 32/4 Beginner
Late Night Habits Julia Wetzel 32/4 Improver
My Bestie Colin Ghys & José M. Belloque-Vane 34/4 Intermediate
Don't Touch Gudrun Schneider 32/4 Improver
Rampampam Mark Furnell & Chris Godden 32/4 Improver
I Got You Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse 32/4 Improver

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Training 18 Uhr: Intermediate/Advanced

Tanzname/Video Choreograph/Tanzbeschreibung Level
Gelernte Tänze 2024    
Last Confession Mark Furnell & Chris Godden 62/2 Phrased Intermediate
Gelernte Tänze 2023    
Work The World Rebecca Lee, Mark Furnell, Chris Godden 100/1 Phrased Advanced
Self-Love Simon Ward 32/2 Intermediate
Rolling In The Deep Maggie Gallagher 64/2 Intermediate
Ghosted Niels Poulsen 64/2 Intermediate
Airs And Graces Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto 32/2 Int/Advanced
Show Me Joey Warren 48/4 Intermediate
Devil In A Dress Niels Poulsen 48/2 Intermediate
Have Fun Go Mad Scott Blevins 32/4 Intermediate
3 Tequila Floor Maddison Glover & Jo Thompson Szymanski 32/4 Intermediate
Love Yourself Ria Vos 32/2 Intermediate
I'm Fabulous R. Lee, D. Rushton, JP Madge, N. Poulsen 32/2 High Intermediate
6's and 9's Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski 32/4 Intermediate
Everyone Needs A Hero Roy Verdonk, Grace David, Jef Camps 64/2 Easy Intermediate
Never Gonna Not Dance Maddison Glover 72/2 Intermediate
Gelernte Tänze 2022    
Cyber Swagger Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever 80/1 Advanced
Blood On A Rose Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen 96/2 Low Advanced
Show Me The Rain Esmeralda van de Pol, Chris Godden, Mark Furnell 72/2 Phrased Intermediate
 Cyber Drop Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever 64/2 Int/Advanced
Bare My Soul

Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse,

Roy Verdonk, Daniel Trepat

32/2 Intermediate

Dustin Betts

32/4 Intermediate
Portland Cha

A. Glass, D. Betts, J.P. Madge, J.M. Belloque Vane

S. Ward, N. Poulsen

64/2 Low Advanced
Our Motto EWS Winson, Adeline Cheng, Heru Tian 64/4 High Intermediate
Crazy In Line Joey Warren, Maddison Glover, Simon Ward 64/2 Phrased Intermediate
Break Into My Heart Darren Bailey 32/2 Intermediate
1+1 Jean-Pierre Madge & Niels Poulsen  64/2 Intermediate

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